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Successfully Taking The CSeries Aircraft To The Limit, Flutter Test Completed

February 15, 2015 - Bombardier confirms that the CSeries aircraft achieved a critical milestone in February with the successful completion of the flutter testing program which demonstrated the full capability of the aircraft as required for certification. 

Based on the assessment of the data collected by the flight test program, it also confirms that all CSeries flight test vehicles can now fly in fly-by-wire normal mode throughout their full flight envelope. 

The first flight test vehicle (FTV1) stationed in Wichita, Kansas performed the flutter tests at a wide range of speeds and altitudes. During the tests, FTV1 was pushed to its design speed and altitude limits achieving dive speeds as high as Mach 0.91 and altitudes up to 12,497 meters (41,000 feet). 


“It was thrilling to see the CSeries aircraft fly beyond its maximum operating speeds of Mach 0.82 and up to an impressive Mach 0.91 this demonstrated to our teams that the CSeries has exceptional maneuverability and is responding in flight completely as expected,” said Robert Dewar, Vice President, CSeries Program. 

“The assessment of the data collected confirms that the CSeries aircraft is now cleared to fly throughout its normal performance range. This accomplishment moves the aircraft closer to certification and we couldn’t be more satisfied with its performance and handling.” 

The Bombardier CSeries is a family of narrow-body, twin-engine, medium-range jet airliners currently under development by Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace. The CSeries models are the 110-seat CS100 and the 135-seat CS300. These were initially named C110 and C130, respectively.  The CSeries will compete with the Boeing 737 series and the Airbus A320 family, as well as the Embraer 195 regional jet. Bombardier expects the CSeries to burn 20% less fuel per trip than these competitors.


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